Jersey Telecom

Jersey TelecomPublished: 10th of March 2010


To supply and install UPS systems, standby generators, gas extinguishing systems, security door access control, CCTV and environmental monitoring plus specialist aspects of the electrical infrastructure. These various aspects were to be supplied and delivered over an extended time scale as Jersey Telecom and their clients’ needs dictated.

Company History

Jersey Telecom is Jersey largest supplier of Telecommunications in Jersey tracings its roots back to the first Telephone exchange in 1895. They have grown the business dramatically and now not only supply the Islands with phones and mobile services they are one of the largest Data Centre Hosting companies in the Channel Islands. They require that their data centres are protected to highest possible standards to ensure that their customers are satisfied and remain operational through every eventuality.

Our Solution

Power Protection

2 x 800kVA N plus N full online double conversion Chloride 90 net UPS units complete with open rack 15 minute runtime batteries and output synchronisation controller. The outputs of these two UPS units via appropriate electrical infrastructure independently fed downstream static switch units which then provided the AMB supplies to the rack configuration.

4 x 630kVA Powertecnique standby generating sets configured as a self controlling parallel set. The sets are housed within their own weather proof acoustically treated canopies. The 4 sets are controlled by deep sea DSE 5510 automatic engine control modules that provided advanced load share functionality thus allowing the number of sets to be shutdown and started automatically as load conditions demanded. The configuration of N plus 1 meant the failure of any one set would not compromise the downstream load which consisted of the entire data centre supply configuration.


Within the critical data centre itself, we installed a FM200 fully automatic gaseous extinguishing system protecting the room area and floor void and providing fully unattended gas activation in the event of a fire condition. Automatic double lock fire detection systems were also installed over the critical areas of the UPS switch room and power room for potential future upgrade to full gaseous extinguishing systems.


The entire site’s critical security protection was provided by Europlex 3GS combined intruder door access control system providing multiple levels of door access control using close proximity readers and multi area intruder detection to provide electronic security to the site but with the ability to set and unset individual areas as working requirements dictated. The system provides full remote monitoring and signalling in the event of any activation or fault condition.


Both internal and external full colour CCTV cameras were installed around the site reporting to 16 way digital video recorders with network connections. This provides the client with a high level of CCTV recording functionality but with the ability to view those systems, whether live or recordings remotely over their own network. The system provides full colour pictures with the external cameras converting to black and white for low light conditions.

Environmental Monitoring

Computer Protec Systems, as the sole Channel Islands agent, supplied and installed an extensive level of NetCommander monitoring equipment throughout the data centre UPS and power rooms. This provides facilities for monitoring, temperature and humidity levels in critical areas, leak detection for air conditioning pipe work etc and power usage monitoring for all critical customer outlets. The systems report to 16 way rack mount NetCommander Enterprise units which then onward connected via suitable software on the clients’ network. This allows Jersey Telecoms to both have environmental alarm condition warnings for temperature and leak high humidity etc and monitor trends in these areas and also monitor and therefore examine power usage requirements which gives them detailed facilities for any potential future upgrade or variation needs.

After Sales Service and Maintenance

The Company now provides full after sales service and maintenance packages on all the critical application equipments that is supplied and installed for this data centre including full 24 hour call out facilities and tailored maintenance visits to ensure that all equipments remained fully operational to the highest standard thus providing the maximum levels of protection to the critical areas of the site.

“I have been working with Computer Protec for a number of years now and every project they have undertaken for Jersey Telecom has come in on time and on budget. Their standard of workmanship and professionalism is second to none. We need to ensure our data centre customers are supported and protected with the very best technologies and support network. Computer Protec help us achieve this with their forward thinking approach to carrying out work and the support of their experienced and dedicated staff base.”

Andy Eeles MBCI Hosting Centre Manager