Fire Extinguishers and Systems

Fire Extinguishers

We sell a wide range of fire extinguishers covering all types of fire risk in an array of different sizes.

Water/Foam/Powder/Co2 and Wet Chemical are the most common types of extinguisher which between them cover the majority of classes of Fire risk.

From the normal European standard red fire extinguishers to the Stainless Steel and Polished Alloy extinguishers.

We offer options on service contracts giving customers a choice of all inclusive packages which enable easy budgeting annually or our basic package which charges an annual service rate excluding change outs when they reach test dates.

Servicing is carried out to meet the British Standard guidelines ensuring a quality of service to our customers.

Fire Signage

Signage covering extinguisher identification which highlight the classes of fire the extinguisher is safe to use on.

Fire Point signage highlighting at eye level that there are fire extinguishers below the sign.

Fire Exit signage to assist in highlighting the Fire escape route within a building.

Most of the signage we supply is photo luminescent which highlight the location of the sign to clearly see it and what it is telling you. These are extremely popular as they come into their own in the event of a power failure.

We also quote and supply most other signage.

Fire Accessories

Fire extinguisher stands come in various options from plastic coloured ones to Chrome tubular bar style. I recent times more and more customers are opting for the chrome stands as they not only look great but they do not suffer damage like the plastic ones. The other huge benefit of using stands in buildings is that the walls are not damaged by fixing extinguishers and signage as well as giving a certain amount of flexibility of location.

Extinguisher protection boxes for protection of externally located extinguishers on buildings or vehicles.

Fire blankets/fire buckets and plastic extinguisher covers which are mainly to protect the extinguishers from dust and bird debris.

Gas Drenching Systems

Protection of IT infrastructures are more important in todays business environment than at any other time in history. Having your IT rooms protected against fire should be at the top of the list when building a new, or renovating an old IT room. Gas suppression systems are designed to extinguish the fire without damaging your expensive equipment, thus allowing the minimum of downtime and your business to carry on running.

From design to installation and servicing Computer Protec Systems can offer a complete and comprehensive service for all your gas drenching requirements.

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